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Web Security education

Web platform documentation is critical digital infrastructure.


Our work is funded by donations from organizations and individuals.

OWD contributes to MDN

We work on mdn/content, mdn/browser-compat-data and related repos.

  • Day to day maintenance
  • Project work

Where do we need help?

  • Defining requirements for security docs
  • Creating a content outline
  • Reviewing security docs
  • Understanding developer needs

Security docs on MDN

What do we have now?

  • Web/Security (19 pages)
  • CSP directives reference (30 pages)
  • CORS error reference (15 pages)
  • Misc security related docs (~25)

Security docs on MDN

  • ✅ Reference docs
  • ❌ No organization
  • ❌ No navigation
  • ❌ No user journey
  • ❌ No mapping to developer needs

What is documentation?

Diátaxis - A more systematic approach to docs.

Diataxis diagram © Daniele Procida.

Survey results

very challenging + somewhat challenging


  • Detecting Security Vulnerabilities (71%)
  • HTTPS Configuration (45%)


  • Integrating Third Party Services (45%)
  • Keeping Frameworks and Libraries Up-to-Date (46%)


  • Understanding security threats (69%)
  • Understanding the Browser Security Model (66%)


New content structures

Example exploration


  • Configuring a server for secure websites
  • Implementing secure authentication
  • Auditing your webapp for security vulnerabilities


  • How to use a web platform feature
    (e.g. TLS, HTTPS, CSP)
  • How to protect against an attack
    (e.g. MITM, XSS, CSRF)
  • How to implement a site feature securely


  • Browser security model
    (e.g. Same-origin, Secure Contexts, User Activation)
  • Defense mechanisms
    (e.g. CSP, SRI, HTTPS, TLS)
  • Attack vectors
    (e.g. MITM, XSS, CSRF)


  • All CSP directives
  • Types of attacks
  • Security related HTTP headers

What can OWD help with?

  • We can organize docs
  • We can write docs
  • We will keep maintaining docs

What do we need?

  • Advise/review from security experts
  • Insights into developer misunderstandings & developer needs

Discussion questions

  • Lead a workshop or taskforce?
  • Create content outline for the 4 quadrants?
  • Do additional surveys? (or user interviews?)